Primary Projects
(Grades 1 - 4)




Make a Volcano Model

Make a Magnet

Design and Make A Model Arm 

Make A Bird House

Insect Collection Display

Human Eye / Vision Research

Food Values 

Make A Compass

Habitat Studies 

Make Salt Crystals

How a Tooth Decays 

Make Sugar Crystals

How Plants Reproduce 


Draw A Magnetic Field

The Solar System 

Parts of a Horse (Display)

Parts of Birds (Display) 

Do Plants Grow Toward Light?

A Secret Letter with Invisible Ink 


What is needed for fire to start?

The Sun, Moon and Earth (Make Model)

The Human Heart, Make Display and Working Model

Carbon Dioxide and Man 


How Do You Test If The Egg Is Cooked?

Best Packaging for an Egg

Make A Simple Electric Circuit

What Battery Last Longest?

Do Detergent Work Best In Cold or Hot Water?

What causes the milk to spoil?

Make Yogurt

Which freezes faster? Water or Salt Water?

Which freezes faster? Water or Sugar Water?

What makes plants grow upward? Light or Gravity?

What is the effect of salt water on a plants growth?

What is the effect of sugar water on a plants growth?

What is the effect of vinegar on plants?

What color light is best for a plants growth?

What factors affect the evaporation of water?

What is the effect of sugar or salt in the evaporation of water? (Quick and simple)

Compare two dishwashing liquid to see which one makes more bubbles.

Does the temperature of water affect the time it takes for the water to freeze?

Identify counterfeit bills

 What is cotton candy?