I. Content

II. Physical Set-up/Visual Display

The physical set-up must be attractive and informative. Interested spectators and judges should easily asses the study and the results obtained. Use clear and concise displays. Make headings stand-out, draw graphs and diagrams clearly and label them correctly. A one-page project abstract must be posted in one corner of the booth. Be sure to adhere to the size limitations and safety rules when preparing the display.

The maximum size of project display must be:

76 cm (30 inches) deep
122 cm (48 inches) wide
183 cm (40 inches) high excluding table

A Sample Diagram of a Science Fair Display

Fair organizers shall provide the participants with one (1) table & two (2) chairs to participants during the division & regional science fair. At the national level, each finalist shall be provided with a display booth with size not exceeding 1.5 m by 1.5 m including backboard, 1 table & 2 chairs.


  1. Living organisms, including plants
  2. Human or animal food
  3. Human/animal parts or body fluids (for example, blood, urine)
  4. Preserved vertebrate or invertebrate animals
  5. Plant materials (living, dead or preserved) which are in their raw, unprocessed or non-manufactured state
  6. Laboratory/household chemicals
  7. Poisons, drugs, hazardous substances or devices
  8. Dry ice or other sublimating solids
  9. Sharp items (for example, syringes, needles, knives)
  10. Flames or highly flammable materials
  11. Batteries with open-top cells
  12. Photographs depicting vertebrate animals in surgical techniques, dissections, improper handling methods and improper housing conditions
  13. Glasswares
  14. Computer units & peripherals
Prototype or model for technology projects maybe displayed but within allotted space for each project only.

III. Abstract

Should consist of short, concise descriptions of the problem & its solution. It must be typewritten in the IPSF Official Abstract Form, one page only, single-spaced with a maximum of 250 words, in Times Roman style, font

The abstract must state the following:

  1. Purpose
  2. Procedure Used
  3. Results
  4. Conclusion

IV. Research Paper

The research paper for an IPSF entry should contain the following:

  1. Problem/s
  2. Objectives
  3. Methods & Procedures (described in detail)
  4. Results
  5. Conclusions and Recommendations
  6. Bibliography (at least 3 major references)
Ethics Statement. Scientific fraud and misconduct are not condoned at any level of research or competition. Plagiarism, use or presentation of other researcher's work as one's own forgery of approval signature and fabrication or falsification of data will not be tolerated. Fraudulent projects will fail to qualify for the competition.


III. Format of Research Paper

The project write-up must be typewritten double-spaced in short bond paper (8”x11”) and follows the following format: